Capital Raising For Business Owners

Posted on Wednesday 28th October, 2020 by Grahame R Harwood
Capital Raising For Business Owners

Businesses can require capital raising for many reasons and there are various ways that the capital can be obtained. All businesses have their ups and downs and both situations can require the raising of additional funding/capital.

The capital funding might be required to expand a business, buy stock or equipment, pay a tax debt or to temporarily cover wages or even to appease creditors in times of crisis.

Capital raising for business purposes can be achieved by refinancing commercial property or by offering it as security for short term temporary overdrafts.

Capital raising can also be achieved by raising funds secured against industrial equipment.

Capital raising for business can also be achieved by raising additional funding secured against a principal and primary residence. By way of a first charge or second charge mortgage loan.

Capital can also be raised against a number of high value assets such as boats, cars and jewellery.

HCM's director Grahame R Harwood has a history of successfully helping business owners out of a tight spot over the years. Working with accountants and insolvency lawyers to annul bankruptcy or fund a commercial voluntary arrangement CVA. Helping business owners with bad credit to raise funds to repay loans to family members or extremely high interest loan providers. Not to mention the raising of funds to pay tax to HMRC.

Grahame was brought up in a family business environment. At a later date he spent some time turning around the family business, resulting in a very profitable operation. Grahame has been providing financial advice to business owners for the last thirty years in his various financial services roles. And has operated his own mortgage advice practice since 2004 working mainly with business owners.

Grahame can be contacted on 07815 099362 for an informal and confidential discussion or email